Corona virus is In nigeria , Don”t be misinformed (WHO)

After WHO announced it last week that A 44-year-old Italian man identified last week as the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Nigeria has been placed in isolation at a hospital in Lagos, a sprawling metropolis of 20 million people and the economic engine of the West African country.

The case has put Nigerians on alert, with thousands flocking to pharmacies that have tripled their prices for face masks and hand sanitizers. Other measures being introduced include the Catholic Church banning handshakes at Masses in Lagos.

there have been different circulation rumored that corona virus is not real in Nigeria , Some set of people have make it their job to misinformed Nigerian that this virus is not real and that Government want to use it to embezzled money . WHO will like to informed concerned Nigerian to disregard these kind of information as they can do more harm than Good . The government will apprehend these that want to mislead Nigerian with their false post about Corona virus.

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